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Buyer Beware

“Puppies require special care and consideration.”

I have added this page for buyers to be aware of what it takes to own that special puppy.  I want every buyer to understand what it means to own a puppy.  There needs to be a lot of research and consideration before purchasing a puppy.  Puppies take a lot of time and patience.  If you are not ready to commit to this you do not need to own one.  Very young puppies go to the potty A LOT so there are a lot of potty breaks.  Very young puppies need a lot of socialization and this comes in good quality times just like we do with our own children.  It doesn’t hurt for a puppy to be in a home where the people work as long as those people give the puppy the good quality time it needs when the family isn’t at work or school.  It will sleep most of the time while you are out and learn to look forward to when its people get home. 

“Stay away from the cheap stuff. You get what you pay for.”

There is a dog food bill to take into consideration, I believe in giving my dogs the very best so that means more expensive dog food, nothing cheap.  The more you pay the better quality it is.  You have to take this expense into consideration.  if you can not afford this do not consider buying a puppy. 

“Owning a puppy comes with extra bills.”

There are vet bills to take into consideration, once again if you can not afford a vet bill, do not buy a puppy.  I do everything possible here so that you will get a healthy puppy.  During stress things pop up in puppies that ordinarily would never show up.  Your puppy will more than likely get diarrhea when it gets to you.  This is due to the trip and I will be giving it a wormer before it leaves here and it gives the puppies a loose stool.  If your vet takes a stool sample, which most of the time is an unnecessary expense unless there are symptoms that something is going on, he may find coccidia or giardia.  Dogs are carries of these and most of the time a person never knows that a dog has these.  They pose no threat to you and if there are no symptoms to the dog his immune system takes care of it.  

“We provide preventative care for our puppies.”

Before a puppy leaves here we give preventative medications which guard against coccidia and giardia. If there should be mucusy, greasy stool then that is when it needs attention and let your vet know.  A puppy’s body at 12 weeks will begin to fight off coccidia.  There is no need to be concerned once again unless there are symptoms that something is wrong.  I give wormers every 2 weeks, using Pyran, Panacur, and AB Puppy Wormer.  There is nothing more that I can do to protect your puppy other than keeping everything here disinfected.  I want you to get a healthy puppy and know that you want one but if your puppy gets to you with one of these don’t be alarmed, it is not a sign of an unhealthy puppy.  Most puppies and dogs are just carriers of these.  I have just mentioned these things so that if a puppy should come up with it, you the buyer will know a little about it and what has been done here to prevent it. 

“Puppies Have Lots of Energy!”

Your puppy needs exercise.  Depends on the breed and individual dog on how much.  Most dogs love to go for walks, this will keep your dog healthy and gives it something to look forward to. 

“Puppies are part of the family.”

Okay we have covered patience, commitment, extra bills in owning a puppy, exercise, etc.  Now we talk about the good stuff….A puppy will love you for life, they are the best friend, companion, and family.  You will never know anything that has so much unconditional love as a dog has.  He is the one that looks forward to seeing you and wants to be with you, he will make you laugh and sooth your soul.  The rewards far out weigh the negatives.  Once that puppy grows up, it wont’ take so much time and patience.  Just like raising a child….only a dog doesn’t talk back.  I always say a puppy is only as good as the trainer.  Now enjoy your new puppy and love it forever.  A prayer goes with each of my puppies that it has found its true forever, loving home and be a healthy puppy that you expect it to be.

May God bless you and be with you.